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Roadside Assistance - 7 Days a Week

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Reliable roadside assistance matters to us. We want all of our customers to know that no matter what happens on the road, we will be there quickly to get you out of a bad situation. As any motorist can attest to, most car problems occur when you are away from home and it is even rarer that your vehicle will break down in front of a mechanic’s garage.

Don’t worry, Glenn’s Towing offers great roadside assistance to Pittsburgh, PA.

Dead Batteries - Car won’t start? Don’t panic. Nine times out of ten, a stalled car is the result of a dead battery. Our drivers will let you know if that is indeed the problem and jump your car to get you back on the road fast.

Out of Gas - We’ve all been there; your car is low on gas but you know you can make it back home without stopping to fill up, then all of a sudden you’re stuck on the side of the road and your car won’t budge. Never fear, Glenn’s Towing does gas deliveries too.

Locked Out - What motorist hasn’t locked themselves out of their vehicle at one time or another? Don’t try to jimmy the lock open yourself, as that can cause major damage and cost hundreds of dollars to repair. Let the experts at Glenn’s Towing handle it quickly and without damage to your vehicle.

We never want the motorists of Pittsburgh to never feel that they are alone on the road. That’s why Glenn’s Towing offers superior roadside assistance any time of day or night. Call us anytime!